We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back on your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience.
— Louise L. Hay


Limiting beliefs are those beliefs which constrain us in some way. By believing them, we often do not think or act on the things that they inhibit, thereby limiting our potential, behaviors, and impoverishing our lives.

Limiting beliefs are often about our selves and our self-identity. Becoming aware of our limiting beliefs helps to acquaint us with the nuance of our fear. 

Our limiting beliefs are often hiding out in the areas of our life and work where we are producing undesired results.

Knowing our limiting beliefs is the first step to transforming them. By creating new beliefs in accordance with our core values and acting from this integral place, we are able to move forward in a positive, empowering way.


What limiting beliefs resonate most deeply with you?

I'm not good enough.  |  Who am I to do this?  | I don't know enough.  | I'm scared I will fail.

I can't have it all. I can't do this. I cannot compete.  |  I'm not ready yet.  |  I lack focus.

I'm virtually unknown. It will all be taken away.  |  I won't have fun.  |  I have nothing to offer.

I won't have fun.  |  I'm not motivated enough.  |  I'm too disorganized. I don't know how.

I never win; why bother? I don't have what it takes.  |  I'm not cut out for it. 

My industry is unstable.  |  There are too many competitors for me to be noticed.

Networking is selfish.  |  My expertise is common sense; I don't have the education.

I don't have the right personality to succeed in this area.  I won't be able to handle it.

I have to be fake or inauthentic to get anywhere.  |  I'll have to work way too hard.

I don't need as much money as I think I do.  |  I need to learn more to be ready. 

I won't be able to have a life if I get big work opportunities.  |  I don't have all the answers. 

I will spread myself too thin.  |  People don't regularly want what I provide. 

I need a lot of experience to be a worthy leader in this area.  |  I'll end up getting bored. 

I'll disengage when I get anxious.  |  I lack the resources I need to make this happen.

People won't hire me in this economy.  |  I'm not good at selling myself.

I'm not a good communicator. I will never make a strong paycheck/salary.

I don't think anyone will favorably respond. |  I have to take what I can get.

I am too old | young | thin | thick | jaded | impatient | apathetic | scared | invisible.

Anything to add?



1. Take note of all limiting beliefs that resonate with you.

2. Select your top three and write them down. Notice the emotions they elicit in you.

3. Acknowledge these are beliefs rather than truths. 

4. Try on a different belief more aligned with your desire(s). How does it feel?

5. Write down this new empowering belief and the strong emotions it elicits as well. 

6. Take a different action; act as if your new belief is true. This may feel odd at first but try.

7. Your first steps don't have to be perfect; just move in the direction of this new belief. 

8. Don't rinse. Simply repeat. 

Beliefs are simply thoughts held captive.
Release all that do not serve your highest good.
— The Courage Practice

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