JANUARY 6 - 12, 2019: LISTEN.

In our fast-paced global culture, our thoughts move as quickly as our bodies. We strategize, prioritize, and act. We rarely listen. This week, we begin our series with the deepest form of development humanity has ever known: listening.

Courageous listening is a practice which changes and transforms lives every day, including my own. Yet listening, particularly to ourselves, can feel like a luxury of self-care we just don’t have time for as we try to balance everything else.

Self-care, however, is not a reward for our hard work and contributions as our culture would have us believe. Self-care is the prerequisite for ALL ELSE.

Listening is one of the highest forms of self-care we can engage in regularly. It is also one we seldom utilize, filling our minds and hearts with perspective from outside of ourselves.

Let’s listen with intention this week — to the changes happening within us and around us. To ourselves and our emotions. To the patterns of thought on repeat in our mind. To the truth that rises up within our bodies when we get still.

Listening courageously with you,

Learn to listen to your inner voice—your soul—more than the external voices of the world. The world will demand of you; your soul will ask of you. - The Courage Practice

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