When we are feeling pulled in many directions, wearing multiple hats, and losing ourselves in all the must-dos of life, it is time to return to the practice of integration.

The integration of ourselves—not just our roles— in all we do.

The integration of returning to our body and our breath.

The integration of our desires into our days.

The integration of choosing what is right for us over what is fun, fast, or easy.

The practice of harmony in everything rather than trying to find the elusive balance of everything.


  1. What are all the roles you play in an average day? Name them specifically.

  2. What roles do you love? What roles do you tolerate but don’t necessarily enjoy?

  3. What roles are missing that you’d like to see woven into your life?

  4. Look at what you’ve written. What do you observe? What themes come to the surface?


  1. What responsibilities, roles, or situations are currently weighing you down day-to-day?

  2. What weight are you carrying that isn’t your own? It may be inherited, gifted, and/or chosen.

  3. What would happen if you shed or unravelled this weight? What specifically would happen?

  4. Are the outcomes you perceive as heavy as what you are currently carrying? Be honest with yourself.


  1. In what areas of your day-to-day living would you like more harmony and ease?

  2. What truly needs to happen to create this harmony and ease? What is specifically standing in the way?

  3. What fears arise when you consider doing the work to cultivate this harmony?

  4. What will this harmony and ease give you? What elation or joy arises when you consider its creation?


  1. How can you be more yourself in your day-to-day? Whether little or big, what can you do to BE more you?

  2. How can you be in service to your responsibilities without feeling enslaved to them?

  3. Name your five core values. How can you specifically exercise these values more consciously everyday?

  4. How will you return to your body and breath everyday?

  5. How will being more yourself improve your relationships with others? What benefit does harmony hold in this way?

  6. What beliefs do you wish to practice courageously?

  7. How can you communicate your needs and desires more clearly — to yourself and others?

  8. What pieces of your life are not currently being cared for well? What small way can you begin their integration?

  9. What else is coming up for you as you consider the practice of integration?

  10. How will you take note of your progress of integration? What will best illuminate its impact?

take note of what arises as you move through this reflection exercise & bring your notes to your next coaching session.

I’ve always worn too many hats—each one so important yet somehow always pulling me further away from really knowing myself. Now I have an intentional daily practice that integrates who I am with what I do. I feel so empowered.
— Patricia, Entrepreneur | Mother | Partner | Care-Giver | Dog Lover