On Leadership in Living

The greatest leadership role we will ever hold is the one of our own life. 

We are all leaders, friends. Every single one of us. No matter the role, the title, the bank account, the business, or the responsibilities. If we’re breathing today, we’ve all been given the opportunity to lead. 

To lead ourselves well means to lead our minds and hearts. To lead our time and energy. To lead our thoughts, attitude, and emotions. To lead our contributions and our restraint. To own the manner in which we show up instead of allowing our circumstances to direct how we show up. And above all, to own our attitude when our work ethic, values, effort, and talents doesn’t readily produce what we believe they should in our life. 

Love, success, and joy doesn’t arrive when a specific leadership milestone is reached; each are born and cultivated when we show up to lead our lives right where we are currently planted. 

It doesn’t take a particular degree, network, promotion, environment, age, or situation to show up and own our story. We get to choose to lead our days or to be led by them. 

When we choose to own our days, habits, and our response to every challenge we experience, we are doing the work in service to our highest good. We are responding to the very gift of breath with gratitude. We are choosing our potential instead of our lack. We are claiming the possibility of tomorrow by owning today. We are choosing to practice our courage.

Practice well today, friends.