Five Different Ways to Support Small Businesses


Every business starts at the beginning.

Every business starts small.

Every business began with a dream, a calling.

Want to support the growing businesses you love today and everyday?

five different ways to make a meaningful impact:

1. Follow them on social media and actively share their work with your own community.

2. Learn about and champion their vision with those who would love their content and services.

3. Invest in their goods and services. Improve your life in a meaningful way.

4. Offer an authentic review or recommendation of your experience with them on one or two of your favorite social media platforms.

5. Make a donation to support the growth of their mission and purpose. 

There are countless more ways, including offering your time, to engage and support small businesses—whether local or online—so get creative this holiday weekend and show your love.

Born from a thousand little nudges

The Courage Practice was born from a thousand little nudges in 40 years of life. Its mission has been brewing for a lifetime. We celebrated our first official (public) anniversary this fall and remain knee-deep in the growth process. Simply put, this year has been one of the most challenging and illuminating years of my life. And we are only just beginning…

Everything we really want is created from the practice of courage.

On this small business Saturday, I invite you to listen to your own courage.

  • Sometimes courage asks us to do hard things, to make changes and embrace transitions

  • Sometimes it asks us to rise before we are ready

  • Sometimes it asks us to let go before we are ready too

  • To take leaps into the unknown, releasing all nets and outcomes

  • To choose what we really, really want rather than what may be in front of us

  • Sometimes courage is telling the truth

  • And sometimes courage in practice is all about taking a genuine risk inside

How is courage whispering to you? Nudging you? We’d love to hear in the comments below.



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An intuitive leadership and life coach for 14 years and founder of The Courage Practice, Tonyalynne Wildhaber coaches individuals, leaders, coaches, and soulful entrepreneurs to make friends with their courage, integrate wisdom with strategy, step into their highest potential, and transform their abundance and life from the inside out.

Tonyalynne is a frequent contributor to Forbes and Thrive Global. She is head-over-heels in love with the Pacific Northwest, loves iced coffee in all weather, and is attempting to train a dog named Ollie.

Courage in practice continuously transforms Tonyalynne’s own life in countless ways. She believes in the power of its practice and its connection to living out our highest purpose and for navigating challenge and transition with greater ease. She loves collaborating with others in cultivating their own unique practice of courage and welcomes such connection with you. Click here to book a complimentary consultation.