Give It Time

Give it time.

Whatever is on your mind and heart right now, give it time.

When anxiety creeps in, we like to rush. We like to push away the discomfort with quick action and resolution.

When exhilaration bursts in, we also like to rush, craving more of what we’ve experienced or embraced. 

Strong emotion is wonderful and good and ripe with abundance. Yet the most beautiful and lasting of things, including beloved Rome, were not built in a day. 

So give it time. Time to exhale, inhale. Again and again. 

There is always time to make decisions or take next steps from the intersection of our thoughts and feelings rather than just one or the other. Whether we naturally lead with our heads or our hearts, there is always room for both to come together to birth our clarity.

I’ve been here this week. Navigating the landscape of this wild terrain called time. Maybe you are too.

So time, my friends. Let’s exhale, drop our shoulders to release the anxiety, and GIVE.IT.TIME.