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In honor of National Poetry Month here in the States, we begin this month's recommendations with a fabulous collection of poetry, thoughtful perspective, and deep wisdom. Even if you kinda hate poetry, this title is still worth the read.

A quiet, subtle game-changer for life, leadership, and business, Nepo guides us in short daily passages (perpetual-calendar style) to consider how close the life we want actually is by listening more closely to the life we already have. Well-versed in looking both fear and courage in the eye, Mark gently challenges us to widen our view, deepen our curiosity, and engage rather than simply observe.

This title has sat on my bedside table for years. (I've honestly lost count of how many years.) Dog-eared, sharpie pen marks in the margins, I've returned to its daily passages again and again, finding something new every time. Mark's ability to bring us home to what really, really matters is powerful and deeply inspiring to our practice. If you're looking for a brief yet potent way to start or end the day, look no further. Snag your copy here. 




This book landed in my lap last year during a deeply pivotal time. A faraway friend threw it in the post for me--it isn't exactly easy to find--because she believed it would be the perfect reflection of what I needed at the time.

Gill emphasizes the power of the seasons, the power of our senses, the earth, the universe, and the collision of stars that is each one of us. The poems are short and potent.

Wherever you are in this life, if you'd like to explore your emotions but unsure of how, I encourage you to check this one out. Nikita can has a beautifully simple ability to give voice to what is unsaid and unhealed in our hearts. 

Some of the poems ache a little too much for me and still others possess a tinge of co-dependency about them but even then, all of her words bear real significance to how we heal, live, love, lead, and move through the world--at times consciously and other times seeking consciousness through external forces, people, places, and experiences. Here's a powerful favorite: When every part of you aches with loneliness, seek no one else. Now is the time to seek yourself. Snag your copy here. 




Her brilliance knows no boundary. Her ability to bring us to the core of who we are is unshakeable, each poem weaving together all natural beings within Mother Earth's palm. 

Mary Oliver's new collection is lovingly curated by Oliver herself, spanning her entire career and leaving us in awe of her ability to bring all living things together to really look one another in the eye.

My first encounter with Mary Oliver's work was actually in a business development course in college years ago. The professor began class with Oliver's words, reminding us that we are never far from universal nature and when we embrace nature consciously in all we do and contribute, it will embrace us. If you are new to Mary Oliver, this collection is a perfect introduction. Snag your collection of Devotions here