On Inspiration


Inspiration is our beginning. 

The original meaning of the word was to stoke the fire of...to breath life into... 

Inspiration is our air and life blood, giving oxygen to our days, fire to our souls, and an anchor of hope when we’re drowning in the dark. Of all the beauty in the world, we are most drawn to those whose lives and hearts set our own aflame. 

Inspiration matters. It is an antidote to apathy and a catalyst for unleashing our potential. 

Inspiration is also a deeply intimate gift exchange. It asks for the courageous vulnerability of both its recipients and its givers. To inspire is to open our heart, mind, and hands in a most holy way. To be inspired the very same. 

In this spirit, may we choose to give inspiration as courageously as we seek to receive it. 

Who inspires you? And who do you seek to inspire?

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