Hug Your People


I lost a friend today.

Words fall short but love does not. 

Here’s the most I’ve got right now. 

Hug your people. Have the courage to put down your phone and all the gotta-dos and engage them. Make plans with them. Follow up with them. Be persistent. 

And if your phone is the only way you can actually engage them, then be present as you do. 

Hold space for them. Ask a follow-up question. Maybe one after that too. Don't make the assumption they just don't want to talk -- maybe from inside the strife they have forgotten how and need a little nudge. Learn how they actually are. Make it safe for them to tell you. 

Such safety is a beautiful blend of love, compassion, courage, curiosity, vulnerability, empathy, patience, perseverance, love, and consistency. 

Once you’ve got this blend down, show up and practice. 

Then practice again…and again. 

Social media likes and comments are merely sprinkles, friends. Let’s give the people we love more than sprinkles. We need each other. 🧡


An intuitive leadership and life coach for 13 years and founder of The Courage Practice, Tonyalynne Wildhaber coaches individuals, leaders, coaches, and soulful entrepreneurs to make friends with their courage, integrate wisdom with strategy, step into their highest potential, and transform their success and life from the inside out. Tonyalynne is a frequent contributor to Forbes and Thrive Global. She is head-over-heels in love with the Pacific Northwest, loves iced coffee in all weather, and is attempting to train a dog named Ollie.