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Game-changing moments don't just change our lives; they change the way we look at life too. We change in an instant from the inside out. And then we spend the days following this moment making choice after choice about whether or not we will resist or embrace what is meant for us.

 While this work of fiction isn't for everyone, beneath its backdrop of predictability, Katherine Center takes us on journey into the heart of one woman's game-changing moment and what she ultimately does with it. 

Margaret Jacobsen seemingly had it all -- the new fantastic career, the relationship, and a full landscape of opportunity on the horizon. Then everything changed. The relationships, the opportunities, and the beliefs she held onto so tightly slipped away. She must then confront her limiting beliefs, particularly her perceptions of strength, beauty, connection, and purpose. 

How To Walk Away holds many parallels with my own life narrative, including a physical therapist of the same name and the emergence of a purpose I least expected to unfold within me. Snag a copy of this book for yourself if you are wading through challenge and need a fictional ear along the way. Or gift it to the friend trying to pick herself up after a bitter fall or at the intersection of possibility -- in life, career, health, or relationships.

We are not our limitations, friends, unless we choose to be. In the heart of challenge, we can cultivate joy and actually become more fully ourselves. Snag your copy here.


An intuitive leadership and life coach for 14 years and founder of The Courage Practice, Tonyalynne Wildhaber coaches individuals, leaders, coaches, and soulful entrepreneurs to make friends with their courage, integrate wisdom with strategy, step into their highest potential, and transform their success and life from the inside out. Tonyalynne is a frequent contributor to Forbes and Thrive Global. She is head-over-heels in love with the Pacific Northwest, loves iced coffee in all weather, and is attempting to train a dog named Ollie.