Courageous Transitions


On Change & Transition

Preparing for (or in the heart of) deep change? Desiring to move through a transition in a mindful way? 

I used to think going it alone during change and transition illuminated my strength. As though my independence in challenging times was a badge of honor.

It wasn’t.

Going it alone elevated my isolation in times when intuitive perspective, a compassionate ear, and strategic, objective thought partnership was exactly what I needed. 

In the past four years, I've navigated a series of deep transitions of my own--in life, leadership, career, community, home, and health. The darkest of these times was when I chose to forge ahead alone. The most empowering moments? When this introvert has allowed others to walk alongside me and reached toward others with courage and trust.

Change changes us, yes. Yet how we move through change transforms us from the inside out.

Autumn invites us to shed the weight holding us back and courageously embrace change and transition, the true avenue for creating something new.

That change or transition you’re preparing to make? This is your season, friend.

FOUR key steps to embracing change & transition

  • Allow Nature to be your guide and teacher. It offers no resistance — to anything.

  • Open your hands — release the outcome and be willing to expand your view.

  • Be willing to get really honest about what is holding you back and weighing you down. Let go of everything in the way of your deepest liberation and potential.

  • Practice courage, on repeat. This is the way to breathe new life into…your life.


Courageous Transitions


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Change is situational and an external force. Transition is psychological and an internal force. We must listen to both.

Join us this fall for Courageous Transitions, a 12 session 1:1 intuitive coaching series dedicated to walking through change and transition with open eyes, hands, and hearts.

The Courageous Transitions series uses a unique blend of intuitive wisdom, outer strategy, and whispers of traditional change management techniques to guide you through change and transition of every nature. You’ll learn how to honor & release the past, ground yourself in the present, and unwrap your potential for the future.

Just want a little extra intuitive support instead of a full immersion commitment?

There is a single deep dive session option too! Check out all the details at the button below. Snag $100 off with promo code FALLTRANSITIONS for the single session or $1000 off for the full immersion series.

If you're moving through change, feeling resistant to it, or just plain stuck in place as change crashes over you, let’s connect. I believe wholeheartedly in what this change can offer you.

Let's walk together,

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Tonyalynne knows change and transition well, particularly its wild and rollercoaster ways. She possesses an incredible balance in honoring your history even as she coaches you to rise into your future. I left our sessions feeling seen in remarkable ways, with a clear action plan and approach we built together, and ready to step forward with greater courage and self-compassion in my career and life.
— Karol, Entrepreneur, Hospitality Management | Gardener



An intuitive leadership and life coach for 14 years and founder of The Courage Practice®, Tonyalynne Wildhaber coaches individuals, leaders, coaches, and soulful entrepreneurs to make friends with their courage in a conscious way.

With a unique approach of integrating inner wisdom with outer strategy, she partners with you to courageously step into your highest potential, navigate challenge and transition with greater ease, and transform your abundance and life from the inside out.

Tonyalynne is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council specifically for her integrated leadership and life development approach. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes, WomELLE, and Thrive Global. She is head-over-heels in love with the Pacific Northwest, drinks iced coffee in all weather, regularly nerds out on women’s soccer, and is attempting to train a little Yorkie named Ollie.


The Courage Practice offers personal & professional development from a deeper place. With an inside-out, soul-to-strategy coaching approach, we guide you to make friends with your courage and intuition in the ways that matter most to you.

Join our thriving community to awaken and cultivate the courage deep within you, strengthen your relationship to your intuition, elevate your success and inner peace, and build a consistent practice to lead, live, and love more consciously.