Calling All Courageous Leaders & Life Warriors

Interested in contributing to this blog, The Courageous Collective? 

Here's the thing. Community in conversation gently shakes the world. And makes us more courageous in both the big and little actions of our lives. 

As of August, your leadership and life stories are now being accepted for blog consideration.

Do you have a moment in your leadership or life that has illuminated the way you practice your core values? Or challenged you to rise up in your own truth like never before? Or perhaps a situation where you're currently knee-deep in calling upon all your courage to move forward? 

Wanna share quickly?

There's a super fast way. Head over to the Notes on Courage page of this website to share a brief note with us. Absolutely free, pure inspiration. 

So who exactly is this Courageous Collective blog contribution opportunity for anyway?

Everyone. All Courageous Leaders & Life Warriors. 

The Courageous Collective blog is a virtual gathering place for those who dare to be who they really are, in leadership and life. We believe wholeheartedly in bringing the stories of brilliant thought leaders and empowered voices together to share--and learn from--their experiences.

Whether you've started a business, changed careers, or are moving through a game-changing transition in your life, we want to hear from you. There is nothing quite like the inspiration of others' stories to move forward with our own in a more thoughtful, empowered way. 

What's in it for me?

The chance to shine a spotlight on your unique brilliance, your own personal call to courage, and inspire others with your successes, challenges, and the in-betweens. And a free opportunity to promote your work, business, volunteer efforts, or blog so others can follow you and the meaningful work you're contributing to the world. 

What if I don't feel that courageous?

We hear this a lot. And we can definitely relate, in both leadership and life. We as humans don't tend to discover an auto-pilot option for courage. It's usually a practice we must choose daily, often hourly.

Learning about aha moments are fantastic and absolutely welcomed but learning about how one practices their courage--the highs and the lows--is pure gold in life's classroom. Deep, actionable inspiration is often borne when learning from leaders and lives where both triumphs and stumbles are owned, embraced, and shared. 

The fine print details:

  • Blog submissions range between 500 - 1,200 words.
  • Original content only; unfortunately, we cannot accept previously published content. 
  • Ideal for the business owner, career professional, or individual writer looking for a chance to promote their leadership, business, or creative work with our audience. 
  • You do not have to be a professional writer to submit to The Courageous Collective. 
  • Yes, you can absolutely publish your submitted content on your own website or blog too.
  • Personal stories are welcomed but TCP has a wide audience so discretion is advised. 
  • If your submission is selected, it will link directly to your business website or blog to promote your work and be featured in The Courage Practices' social media outlets.
  • All written submissions should be emailed directly to
  • Each submission should also include a professional quality headshot and the applicable URL links you wish us to reference for promotional purposes. 
  • You will be notified by email of the publication timeline if your submission is selected.
  • The Courage Practice (TCP) reserves the right to refrain from publishing your submission.
  • Absolutely free opportunity--so flex your writing muscles and share your courage with us!

So here's to bringing together powerful voices from all walks of leadership and life to challenge ourselves and be inspired to practice our own unique call of courage more intentionally.