Courage in the Arena of Life

When I began The Courage Practice, I received a common inquiry. 

Why all the Colosseum images? What's the connection? 

A number of reasons...

1. When I was a child, I absolutely fell in love with the Colosseum. It was my favorite global landmark and I covered my childhood walls with its image. I hadn't yet read about its purpose or the events that took place there in ancient Rome to be given the nickname, 'arena of death.' I was simply drawn to its ability to be such a strong, grounded, and beautiful fortress while fully embracing its flaws, scars, and brokenness at the same time. As I learned about its history, I couldn't wait to visit and take in both its strength and sorrow in person. (More on that later...)

2. In my young adulthood, and after walking upon its stone and earth myself, I began to see and appreciate a deeper connection between my love of the Colosseum and this idea of embracing both strength and scars in life. Then I discovered this quote: 

In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action. ~Aristotle

3. From there on, the term 'life's arena' began showing up everywhere. At least it felt that way. And I was grateful for it. Since then, the Man in the Arena quote by Theodore Roosevelt has also become deeply resonating to me, as has the research and transformative work of Dr. Brené Brown who has forged a global--and essential--dialogue on shame, vulnerability, courage, and gratitude. Her work has deeply impacted my work and life with equal measure.

4. Sheryl Sandberg recently said, 'Brené started a powerful conversation on vulnerability and laid out a path for us to continue this important dialogue and remind each other that we are not alone.' I wholeheartedly agree. All of us experience life's arena--its dust, triumph, blistering heat, the stumbling, the victories, and the falls. However, to live our best life and unleash our fullest potential, choosing courage over comfort really matters.

The Courage Practice exists to create a safe, empowering, and collaborative coaching space for you to do exactly that--practice courage in your own life arena wherever most transformative for you.

So bring your vulnerability; I'll meet you there. And together we'll practice courage.