Notes on Courage: September Spotlight


When I think of myself being courageous I laugh. There has not been many instances in my life where I have had to muster all the courage I had to accomplish something. Whether it be big or small. I have had many experiences like so many others. I am a mother, a small business owner, a healer, a wife, sister, daughter, list can go on and on like most. Recently, I have had to do exactly what I have never had to do. Step forward into the unknown with nothing but the hope and support of the universe that has never let me down. Things may not end up like you thought they would, but they ALWAYS end up the way it is suppose to. Even the bad things bring good things.

Like all cycles in life, I am up for a new one. My daughter has decided it is time to live with her father, on the east coast. She has never been without me, and I never without her. I was only a child myself when I had her, so to watch her leave, by her own choice, is the hardest thing I have EVER had to do. It is definitely not something that I want, but what I do want is bigger than me. I want my daughter to have a REAL relationship with the other side of her family. I know there are life lessons that they will be able to teach her that I cannot. If I were to keep her here, with me, it would be for purely selfish reasons, and I would be depriving her of a fuller life. I want her to have the best education available to her. If that means for her to get that, I have to let go. Then I let go. I have to be courageous in knowing that I have taught her the foundation of what it means to be a loving, compassionate, caring, yet strong and humorous human being. Not ever to be better than someone else. Just the best her. For that to happen, I have to move forward in my own path, separate from hers. I have to learn what it is like to be without her. For me that is scary.

The silver lining is that everything changes all the time. So the hurt and agony of watching someone you promised to care for walk away of their own volition to improve their life also opens up the way for me to find out who I am, not as a mom, but as a person. Which I have not had the opportunity to do yet. So with the bad comes good. It all depends on how you choose to look at life. I choose good.

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Practicing courage: one person, one day, one thought, one action at a time gently shakes the world. If you're interested in sharing your own note on courage, click here.