On Confidence

Confidence grows from the engagement of our courage.

Every small moment we call upon our courage, we actually build more confidence. 

It’s not ‘when I have more confidence, I’ll practice my courage.’ It’s more like ‘I want to grow my confidence so it’s time to lean into my courage.’ 

The practice of courage often looks rather stunning and particularly admirable  from afar when we think the practice began on the foundation of confidence. But it is the other way around, friends. Courage creates confidence. 

How do I start practicing? 

We practice in the big and small moments of our lives. Every single day.

The practice is inside of every time we choose the courageous thought over the comfortable one. Every time we choose the courageous action instead of the one we don't have to really invest in. The practice is within every conversation where our vulnerability is revealed...and whenever we make it a safe space for others to do the same. 

The practice is alive within each and every decision, choice, word, or deed made within our integrity. Even silence can be courageous at times. And when we're particularly struggling to access confidence, it is a clear whisper to return to our practice. 

Engage your courage; your confidence will follow.