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Hello Everyone & Welcome!

I’m Tonyalynne and I’m so excited to welcome you to the Fall 2018 edition of The Courage Practice Book Club where we explore courage and what it means to put it into actual practice together. As we gear up for our official kick-off on October 8th, please settle in to our book club community.

Here are four easy steps to get you started:

  1. SNAG THE BOOK. Whether getting a copy from your local library or purchasing the book, please ensure you’ve snagged a copy of IMPERFECT COURAGE by Jessica Honegger before we begin. This ensures you’re well on your way and can thoughtfully engage in our discussions. And well, it’s a book club so there’s that. ;)

  2. SNAG THE DETAILS. If you haven’t already, review the orientation page to get the goods on our reading schedule, virtual gatherings, private Facebook group, and frequently asked questions.

  3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Definitely join our private Facebook group and introduce yourself to the book club community. We’re small, kind, respectful, and aim to explore courage in an honest and empowering way. The FB group will be a great place to engage in day-to-day discussion.

  4. RSVP FOR OUR VIRTUAL KICK-OFF GATHERING: RSVP directly to the FB group invitation if you haven’t already done so. Monday, October 8th we will kick off with a morning FB group wall discussion and a virtual gathering in the evening for all time zones. Update those mobile push notifications to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Discussion prompts will be published here on this blog next week, beginning with the Introduction & Part I of the book. All prompts will be available for commenting and discussion either here on the blog or via the FB group. Use whatever is most convenient for you.

As always, please post your questions here on the blog or in our FB group and I’ll be happy to respond as quickly as I can. Looking forward to reading IMPERFECT COURAGE with you soon!

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An intuitive leadership and life coach for 14 years and founder of The Courage PracticeTonyalynne Wildhaber coaches individuals, leaders, coaches, and soulful entrepreneurs to make friends with their courage, integrate wisdom with strategy, step into their highest potential, and transform their abundance and life from the inside out.

Tonyalynne spent the first half of her life actually running from courage. Choosing conformity, comfort, and everything else she thought she should do, think, believe, and be. Except she was hiding…in her relationships, health, spirituality, and career. Above all, she was hiding from herself. Then a death, a game-changing health challenge, and stepping out of a few closets changed everything. The second half of her life has been all about leaning into courage.

Whether in life, leadership, love, business, or soul, Tonyalynne believes in the power of this practice and its connection to living our highest purpose, navigating challenge and transition with greater ease, and in becoming who we were made to be.

Tonyalynne is a frequent contributor to Forbes and Thrive Global. She is head-over-heels in love with the Pacific Northwest, enjoys iced coffee in all weather, and is attempting to train a dog named Ollie. She loves collaborating with others to cultivate their own unique practice of courage and welcomes such connection with you. Click here to book a complimentary consultation.