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Ready to change your life from the inside out? Read this book and then learn how to begin a TM practice.

Whether you're new to Transcendental Meditation, a strong skeptic of meditation, or a life-long practitioner, Dr. Rosenthal offers an engaging, practical perspective on the transformative power of the TM approach.

Filled with the latest ground-breaking scientific research on the health benefits of TM combined with personal narratives which provoke thought and stir the spirit, Transcendence is a fabulously effective introduction to Transcendental Meditation as well as an equally profound re-immersion for seasoned TMers.

I personally have been practicing TM for a year and cannot honestly describe in words how much this form of daily meditation has positively impacted my health, leadership, business, and life. After years of practicing other styles of meditation with varying degrees of success, the power of TM for me lies in its ease. TM engages the immense ocean of my mind in an effortless way. Transcendence is a great, easy-to-read way to learn more about TM and illuminates the inextricable connection between our mind, body, and spirit in a way that is deeply hard to dismiss in our stress-saturated culture.

Snag your copy and if you're interested in learning how to begin a TM practice, visit your nearest TM center here. 




We all want Option A.

Our first choice, our first decision. 

So when Option A is removed from our grasp, we have to grieve and then look Option B in the eye to move forward. Sheryl and Adam bring together their brilliant minds, hearts, and Sheryl's raw, intimate experience to offer us deep, soulful wisdom within these pages. 

Sheryl's vulnerability is somehow equal parts anguishing and empowering. She offers us a courageous glimpse into what it means to release Option A and seek joy within Option B while learning how to rise following immense and tragic loss. 

Finding joy in times of adversity and challenge is downright hard. Building resilience can feel out of reach in times of grief. If we feel even a tiny bit triggered by this title, it is the perfect time to read it. Snag your copy and then join the community


15 Effective Ways To Establish Credibility As A Business Coach

15 Effective Ways To Establish Credibility As A Business Coach

Being a credible mentor for clients is key to achieving success in the industry. Your reputation relies on whether your clients trust in you and the services that you offer them. While you may be your authentic self with your clients, establishing credibility with them may be more difficult than it seems.

Trust is at the very core of all our business relationships as it helps influence your business success with others...

On Leadership in Living

On Leadership in Living

The greatest leadership role we will ever hold is the one of our own life...

The Story Behind The Courage Practice

The Story Behind The Courage Practice

I spent the first half of my life running from courage...

On Confidence

On Confidence

Confidence grows from the engagement of our courage.

Every small moment we call upon our courage, we actually build more confidence. 

The Power of a Pause

The Power of a Pause

Sometimes we fall down. We lose focus. We get weary and unanchored.

We hustle in a not-so-cool way. We take shortcuts that actually take us off course. We numb out. We lean into a mindset of lack instead of one of abundance.

Practicing courage is HARD.

And definitely a daily practice. Sometimes hourly.

And some days, even if we try, practicing courage seems so far out of reach.

I had one of these days today, friends.

11 Lessons About Leadership Transition We Can Learn From Retirement

11 Lessons About Leadership Transition We Can Learn From Retirement

In mid-October, American Express announced the retirement of its CEO, Kenneth Chenault, who has served in his role for the last 16 of his nearly 37 years at the company. Although the financial services giant has been grooming its incoming CEO, vice chairman Stephen Squeri, for the last two years, this will undoubtedly be a time of great change for all American Express employees.

Forbes Coaches Council members pulled some of the most important lessons Chenault's departure can teach leaders about leadership and transition, and what you can do now to ensure a plan is in place...