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Our stories are made up of unique experiences, creating themes in our personal narrative which contribute to how we show up (or don't) courageously in our lives.

Discover the thematic roots of your story so you can step forward into your next life chapter with deeper compassion and confidence.


name the roots

  1. What are the roots of your story? Take a few moments to consider the thematic roots of your life thus far.

  2. Name each root. Take note of whether each root was inherited, gifted, and/or chosen.

  3. How have these core themes impacted your life? Name the joys and challenges associated with each root.

  4. Of all these roots, which are unwavering in their strength?

  5. Which roots have held the most challenge?

The connection of our roots & our repetition

  1. Write down what has brought you deep joy in your life. What roots are associated to this joy?

  2. Write down three challenges you’ve repeatedly experienced. The form may have changed but the essence of the challenge has remained the same for you.

  3. As you explore your narrative roots, what other patterns of repetition are surfacing?


  1. What roots are impacting my practice of courage, whether overt or subtle. How are they specifically holding me back?

  2. What roots need to be lovingly excavated?

  3. What brand new growth do I want to plant in its place and cultivate to live more courageously?

  4. What roots already ground me in living more courageously? How can I anchor myself more specifically to these roots?

  5. Take note of what has arisen to the surface as you’ve moved through this reflection exercise.

take note of what has risen to the surface as you’ve moved through this reflection exercise. bring key notes to your next coaching session.

When we tend to the leaves and branches of our life, we ignore the true root of our lasting development. When we tend to our roots, we tend to the whole tree.
— Tonyalynne Wildhaber