Coaching Deep Dive

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Coaching Deep Dive


Interested in doing a deep dive in a specific focus area?

Looking to move beyond stuck and create greater depth of awareness and action in a single day?

This one's for you. 

I'm Ready to Dive In

I wasn't moving forward in my career goals. I was stuck. This deep dive helped me learn why. I looked my fear in the eye and built a game plan in 120 minutes to stop spinning and place and starting moving forward with clear, actionable steps. It was an injection of motivation and the kick in the *** I needed. ~Heather, Healthcare Administration Liaison, Hiker, Sudoku Lover

A Coaching Deep Dive is added on to your coaching series as a pay-in-full bonus. It includes:

  • 120 minute, private, virtual coaching session

  • A focused exploration on the area or topic of your choice

  • Come prepared to dig in, be challenged, and create valuable traction on your goal(s)

  • One mini-break is included to stretch, hydrate, and recharge