Coaching for the Courageous Coach


Coaching for the Courageous Coach


In a professional coaching role and looking for a coach of your own? Seeking to advance your coaching craft itself?

Behind every highly skilled coach actively elevating their brilliance everyday is...another coach. 

With 14 years' experience coaching professional coaches to become stronger coaches in their craft and their client care, I welcome the opportunity to be yours.

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A coaching session is the unique space where our mind, heart, wisdom, and soul connect to unwrap our highest purpose and potential. When we give this space to ourselves as coaches, we deepen our unique ability to give space to those in our care. Ideal for coaches at all levels of experience, in all disciplines and industries, who seek to advance their craft and become the courageous coach they know themselves to truly be. This series is also a fabulous refresher for skilled coaches who desire to bring more soul into their work and practice. 

The Coaching for the Courageous Coach Series includes:

  • Twelve, 60 minute private virtual sessions within 6 months

  • Two, 120 minute virtual coaching deep dives (1 per quarter)

  • Two, 75 minute virtual consulting sessions on desired topics

  • Clear & Courageous Communication

  • Understanding Our Narrative Roots

  • Courageous Listening

  • Assessment from the Ground Up

  • How to Deliver Invitations & Recommendations

  • Creating Powerful Commitments to Action

  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Coaching

  • Coaching for the Integrated Self: Life & Leadership

  • Coaching Quality Observations & Assessments



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