Courageous Entrepreneurs


Courageous Entrepreneurs


Are you in the arena of entrepreneurship? Ready to scale, engage your audience effectively, and deliver kick-ass content that packs a punch?

Whether starting fresh with a new idea or stoking the fire of an established venture, together we will build a strategic, integral approach to business development.

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Courageous entrepreneurship exists at the intersection between your unique knowledge, wisdom, actions, values, and vulnerability.

The Courageous Entrepreneurs Coaching Series includes:

  • Eight, 60 minute virtual coaching sessions
  • Two, 60 minute virtual consulting sessions
  • One, 120 minute virtual coaching deep dive
  • Clarity of Core Values & Strengths
  • Cultivating Your Unique Voice
  • Who Are Your People?: Discovering Your Target Audience(s)
  • Courageous Content & Deliverables
  • Your Business, Your Development
  • Leading the Business vs. the Business Leading You

*Ideal for emerging or established entrepreneurs looking to ignite their business presence, voice, content, and strategies while strengthen their leadership approach and impact. On the fence? Book a complimentary consultation so we can learn about each other and explore potential collaboration. 

*Looking for a more intensive & highly personalized coaching collaboration? Check out Our Signature Services.