Courageous Leadership


Courageous Leadership


Looking to scale your performance? Want to strengthen your leadership presence, communication, impact, and team culture?

Explore your leadership strengths, unearth limiting beliefs, lean into your values, and cultivate a personalized approach to leadership that inspires you to lead with heart and mind rather than hurt or fear. 

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Leadership is more of a responsibility than a role. True leadership exists in every job, workplace, home, and interaction.

The Courageous Leadership Series includes:

  • Twelve, 60 minute private virtual coaching | consulting sessions

  • One, 120 minute private virtual coaching session for a topical deep-dive

  • Two, 75 minute private consulting sessions

  • Monthly personalized reading recommendations & exercises

  • Core Values & Strengths Exploration

  • Courageous Listening & Communication

  • Leadership Presence & Vision-Casting

  • Personalized Qualitative Assessments

  • Tax-deductible 1:1 Professional Development

*Ideal for emerging or established leaders focused on developing their skills, their teams, and advancing their businesses or organizations. On the fence? Book a complimentary consultation so we can learn about each other and explore potential collaboration.