Courageous Living


Courageous Living


Unsure of your life purpose or what you want to contribute? Overwhelmed by all the directions you could take to live your best life and unleash your full potential?

Feeling stuck and witnessing your self-love ebb and flow? Maybe you’ve even wondered exactly how to practice self-love.

This series was created for you, friend.

I Want to Live Courageously

When we lead our lives with the practice of courage, we actually lead our lives rather than our lives leading us. We practice self-love without hesitation in any life weather, and our inner purpose drives our outer contributions. Applicable for individuals at all stages of life, this series is full of deep transformation where you desire it most to live more honestly, courageously, and peacefully.

The Courageous Living Coaching Series includes:

  • Twelve, 60 minute virtual coaching sessions

  • Personalized to you for deeply integrated, courageous living

  • Cultivating Your Core Values & Personal Clarity

  • Understanding Our Narrative Roots

  • Owning Your Narrative & Staying Present

  • Strengthening or Creating Empowering Habits & Practices

  • Fostering Work & Life Harmony

  • Practicing Personalized Health & Wellness

  • Creating Compassionate Community & Contribution

  • Creating Freedom (in any life weather)

  • What is Self-Love Really & How to Practice It

  • and more...all personalized to you



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This practice is wonderful. I’ve made more progress than I ever dreamed was possible. I’ve been in therapy for years and have always found it to be valuable but with this practice, I’ve learned more and accomplished more in three months than I have in all those years combined. Well worth the investment — it has truly changed my life for the better. My husband says so too.

—Carol, Entrepreneur | Hospitality & Tourism | Gardener | Grandmother | Former Coaching Skeptic