Courageous Student Coaching


Courageous Student Coaching


Are you a student looking to improve your success in school and explore potential career paths? Or perhaps develop clarity on what you actually want to do beyond graduation? 

Whether preparing to enroll in college, a current student, or you're about to don the cap & gown, this one's for you.

Ideal for undergraduates, graduates, or PhD candidates of all ages. 

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When students get a personalized 1:1 space to explore and enrich their strengths and habits alongside their coursework, their student experience is elevated, confidence deepened, and they learn how to effectively move from stuck to success.

The Courageous Student Coaching Series includes:

  • Twelve, 60 minute virtual coaching sessions
  • Core Values
  • Clarity: Personal & Professional
  • Degree Exploration & Discovery
  • Habits & Practices
  • Student Effectiveness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Creating A Professional Community
  • Your Unique Contribution
  • Discounted Add-On Sessions ($100 with Student ID)

*Applicable for students of all ages and degrees, full-time or part-time status. 

On the fence? Book a complimentary consultation so we can learn about each other and explore possible collaboration.