Courageous Transitions


Courageous Transitions


Preparing for or adjusting to a major transition or game-changing moment? 

Interested in transitioning from a place of struggle to healthy striving? Or perhaps leverage the momentum of a positive transition to advance your success? 

Whether in life, leadership, career, or business, if you're in the heart of a deep transition, this one's for you. 

THIS SERIES AVAILABLE IN SPRING & FALL ONLY. Reserve your spot in advance here.

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Change is situational and an external force. Transition is psychological and an internal force. We must listen to both.

With a unique blend of wisdom and strategy, The Courageous Transitions Series includes:

  • Twelve, 60 minute, deeply personalized coaching sessions

  • Series Structure: Listening | Shedding | Clarity | Integration

  • Navigate change & transition with greater courage & ease

  • Transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs

  • Deepen clarity of your core values and how to put them into a personalized practice

  • Strengthen, shed, or create habits and practices to better serve you before, during, and following a transition

  • Ideal for those preparing for (or in the heart of) deep change who desire to catalyze this transition in a mindful way



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