Intuitive Energy Reading (Email)


Intuitive Energy Reading (Email)

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Feeling in flow, stuck, or somewhere in the middle? Looking to create greater harmony within yourself energetically?

This energy reading by email awakens you to your current energy by offering specific intuitive insights for each of your chakras.

Yes, Please

Beneath the current of everyday life lies the energy of our soul; the avenue of our deepest development.

This Intuitive Energy Reading is completed solely via email and includes:

  • Energy Reading | Intuitive Guidance

  • The opportunity to ask two specific, non-medical | non-legal questions to gain intuitive insight and guidance.

  • I will intuitively connect with your chakra energy, asking your higher self what you most need to know for your deepest growth.

  • Insights often come through that don't make sense; I write them down anyway. Sense always arrives in our soul's time.

  • All chakra messages received--whether a full page or a poignant paragraph--will be confidentially emailed to you.

  • *You do not have to be physically present for this session. All will be emailed to you after your reading is completed.

Want a live chakra reading along with soul perspective, cards, and intuitive guidance? You may also be interested in our Soul Stories™ Intuitive Reading where we delve deeper together and learn more about how your soul is speaking to you.