Intuitive Love Letter (Email)


Intuitive Love Letter (Email)


You love intuition but have been feeling far away from it lately. You desire to reconnect to who you really are in a world challenging you to be everything for everyone. You’re a collector of quotes of every kind and love written words to ground you and bring you home to yourself.

This love letter is infused with intuitive insights on your unique energy, wisdom, courage, and purpose while illuminating specific ways to engage with yourself with greater compassion, empathy, and love.

Write Me A Letter

Have you ever wanted a love letter from your soul to yourself? This is it. Tonyalynne has a gift for reading me like a book and offering intuitive perspective that actually helps. I keep my letter on my bedside table now and refer to it often. — Christy, Graduate Student, Health & Wellness

This Intuitive Love Letter is written by intuitively reading your energy and connecting with your own inner wisdom. The letter is meant to serve as a tangible reminder of love for you when you feel far from the wisdom of your own inner voice. The letter is completed solely via email and includes:

  • Intuitive Insights | Notes on Energy | Inner Wisdom for Wholehearted Living

  • The opportunity to ask two specific, non-medical | non-legal questions to gain intuitive insight and guidance.

  • I will intuitively connect with your chakra energy, asking your higher self what you most need to know for your deepest growth.

  • Insights often come through that don't make sense; I write them down anyway. Sense loves to arrive in our soul's time.

  • All messages received--whether a full page or a poignant paragraph--will be confidentially emailed to you.

  • Your physical presence is not required for this intuitive session. All will be emailed to you after your scheduled ‘session’ is completed.

Please Note: Due to its unique nature, this letter cannot be purchased as a gift for another at this time.

Following your purchase: please book a time as soon as possible to know when you can anticipate receiving your personalized letter.

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