Ministry of Presence


Ministry of Presence


When was the last time someone just held space for you?

Feeling a bit lonely and just in need of an ear?

We move quickly in this life. Even our listening is often accompanied by multi-tasking or a ‘let’s try to fix it’ mentality. And often we just want to be seen & heard right where we are.

If you’re looking for a compassionate, empathetic ear, this one’s for you, friend.

I'd Love An Ear

The truth is that sometimes we don't need therapy. We just need a compassionate ear that shows up to see us where we are, listens to us without reservation, solution, or judgment, and reminds us who we are.

Ministry of Presence offers compassionate, empathetic, open space to show up as you are and to simply be heard and held right where you are in life, leadership, community, and love. 

  • Private, 1:1 virtual 60 minute session

  • Bring a cup of coffee or tea and let's connect at a virtual table

  • Open, active listening space to share what is on your mind, heart, or spirit

  • Applicable for personal, professional, and spiritual life

  • *For confidential support only and not to be used in lieu of professional counseling services

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