My Integrated Practice


My Integrated Practice


Desiring to be more of yourself in every corner of your life? 

We all wear many hats in an average day. Each one is important as the next yet without mindful integration, it can feel like each role is directing our lives instead of us owning our days with a sense of confidence and empowerment. 

Explore how to consciously integrate your values, strengths, beliefs, communication, and habits in ways that allow you to be in service to your daily responsibilities rather than feeling enslaved to them.

Instead of chasing balance, create a personalized practice of integration and harmony. 

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My Integrated Practice* includes:

  • Six, 60 minute private virtual coaching sessions

  • Three, 120 minute private coaching deep dive sessions

  • Weekly intentions, writing prompts, and practice exercises to build consistency

  • Quarterly goal mapping & action items

  • Personalized reading recommendations and resources

  • Consistent feedback M-F between sessions where most important to you

  • Ideal for those who want to dig into how to take action in a deeply integrated way to live and lead more courageously.

  • *Looking for a more intensive & highly personalized coaching collaboration? Check out Our Signature Services. 

On the fence? Book a complimentary consultation so we can learn about each other and explore possible collaboration.