Save My Spot Deposit


Save My Spot Deposit


Planning to begin a coaching series with us but unable to start just yet?

Save your spot in line with a quick deposit which applies directly to your series.

Give yourself the gift of commitment and accountability; two key steps in moving from where we are to where we want to be.


This is a great option when you know you want to begin working with The Courage Practice, whatever your desired time start or series. I used this option for my 1:1 series and loved it. It gave me peace of mind, a nudge of accountability, and applied directly to my investment. --Patricia, Healthcare Administration, Wife, Mother, Cat Lover

  • Applicable for all 1:1 personalized coaching series with The Courage Practice

  • This non-refundable deposit ensures your desired start time and applies directly to your overall series investment

  • Also a great way to move to the top of the waiting list if your desired series is currently full and not yet accepting new clients

  • Save My Spot is embedded in all payment plans should you elect to begin a plan for your series

  • This deposit is used to establish your 1:1 client agreement for your specific series and your account with us in advance