Every human being has a soul. Yet we often leave it on the sidelines in our development.

Seeking intuitive development from the root up with a more soulful approach to action that serves your highest purpose?

Reduce the external noise and hustle by looking within for your success with Soul Courage intuitive development and spiritual mentorship.

I Want to Practice Soul Courage

SOUL COURAGE™ brings together the unique wisdom from your higher self with intuitive coaching to elevate your potential, clarify your purpose, shed unwanted layers impacting your success, and awaken more fully into who you are.

ThE SOUL COURAGE INTUITIVE SERIES is ideal for individuals, leaders, coaches, spirit workers, soulful entrepreneurs, and anyone desiring to combine soul wisdom with everyday action and purpose.

  • Intuitive Exploration & Insights | Soulful Action | Spiritual Development

  • Seven, 60 minute, 1:1 virtual deeply intuitive coaching sessions

  • I meet you where you are by connecting to your energy and empower you to step forward courageously where you desire in life.

  • Before each session, I will intuitively connect with you, asking your higher self what you most need to know for your deepest growth.

  • I highly encourage you to take 15-30 minutes prior to our sessions to get still and connect with your own inner voice & guidance as well.

  • We'll then spend each session exploring our collective intuitive insights and how to put them into strategic action.

  • Insights often come through that don't make sense; we’ll take note of them anyway. Sense always arrives in our soul's time.

  • While this isn't about religion at all, it is important to note that all religions, faiths, beliefs (or none at all) are deeply welcome.



Interested in the payment plan? Every series here at The Courage Practice has a payment plan option to ensure investing yourself and your own development is possible. Click here to establish your payment plan for this series. Seasonal discounts do not apply to payment plans at this time.

Want to combine Soul Courage™ development with life, leadership, or business coaching? You may be interested in our all-inclusive NAMESAKE SERIES which integrates all services into a unique-to-you blend to step further into your courage, ignite your impact, and powerfully transform your success and abundance from the inside out.

When we invest in ourselves, what we desire begins to show up. Building a consistent practice of courage isn’t easy but every step is worth it. I’m still scared but I do the work anyway. This series was my game-changer.

— Laura, Marketing Consultant | Entrepreneur | Swimmer

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