Soul Stories™ Intuitive Reading (Live)


Soul Stories™ Intuitive Reading (Live)


What would you like to ask your soul today?

Connect with the energy of your own soul and learn the stories and guidance it holds for you in this present moment to support your abundance, clarity, and purpose.

Yes, Please
Socrates once said that 'wisdom begins in wonder.' And wonder begins by returning within.

A Soul Stories™ Intuitive Reading connects to your soul's perspective and is a live 1:1 virtual session which includes:

  • Energy Reading | Soul Reading & Cards | Intuitive Guidance (60 minutes)
  • The opportunity to ask specific initial and follow-up (non-medical | non-legal) questions to gain intuitive insight and guidance.
  • Directly before our session, I will intuitively connect with you, asking your highest self what you most need to know for your deepest growth. We'll then spend our session in discussion and delving deeper together. 
  • Insights often come through that don't make sense; I take note of them anyway. Sense always arrives in our soul's time. 

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