The Empathy Practice (Add-On)


The Empathy Practice (Add-On)


Are you in the midst of challenging times? Do you know someone who is in struggle yet not sure how to actually be there for them?

Empathy isn't just available to the naturally gifted among us. It is a deeply meaningful skill we can learn, develop, and practice in our lives and leadership.

We all need more conscious empathy—for ourselves and each other—so you can embed this unique offering within any coaching series.

Add To My Practice

The Empathy Practice is embedded into your desired coaching series and includes:

  • What Is Empathy Really?

  • Active Listening Skill-Building

  • Communication Skill-Building

  • Intuitive insights to your unique situation(s)

  • Empathy resources

  • Personalized practice

Due to its nature, The Empathy Practice cannot be purchased independently of a coaching series at this time. 

When we do not know what to do, empathy is our guide. When we are unsure what to say, empathy is our voice.
When we are unaware of how to give, empathy is our gift. When we are unable to understand, empathy is our bridge. — The Courage Practice