The Intuitive Nudge


The Intuitive Nudge


Want an intuitive nudge to move forward in a specific way?

With a unique blend of intuitive insights, energy reading, and coaching, this deep dive session empowers you to listen to your inner wisdom to cultivate clarity, shed unwanted layers, and step further into your conscious courage.

I Want A Nudge

I felt like my life was leading me and I was just along for the ride. I wasn't listening to my inner voice. This session brought me back to myself and gave me the tools to learn how to actually listen to myself. I'm now learning how to follow the inner nudges rather than the outer pressures. I feel amazing. ~Elizabeth, Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor

The Intuitive Nudge deep dive session awakens your own intuition to cultivate clarity and take integral action wherever you want it most in life, leadership, or love.

  • 90 minute private, 1:1 virtual intuitive deep dive session

  • Intuitive Exploration & Insight | Energy Reading | Soulful Action

  • You bring the questions; we'll explore the landscape of opportunity from there

  • You’ll leave with specific ways to take intuitive action where most important to you

Want to take action on your intuition and its guidance but looking for extra support on how? In addition to this stand-alone session, you may also be interested in our full Soul Courage™ Intuitive Coaching series