Unlimited Resume Materials Editorial Services (Add-On)


Unlimited Resume Materials Editorial Services (Add-On)


Resumes | Cover Letters | LinkedIn Profiles | CVs

Need a sharp editorial eye to ensure every word packs a relevant, tailored punch to engage both humans and robots in today's job market?

Be My Editor, Please

Here's to showcasing your unique character and talents to the world in a clear & compelling way, wherever you are in your career--the beginning, middle, or end.

The Unlimited Resume Materials Editorial Services Add-On includes:

  • Unlimited line-editing directly from your career coach
  • Resumes & Professional Portfolios
  • Cover Letters (they're not dead yet)
  • Online Application Essays
  • Elevator Pitches & Professional Narratives
  • Online Professional Profiles (LinkedIn, Hired, etc.)
  • Email communication between coaching sessions throughout duration of series

*Due to its nature, this add-on option is applicable to the Courageous Career Exploration & Discovery series only and cannot be purchased separately at this time.