Courage is found in every life. Every single one.

Just like our stories, courage shows up uniquely within each of us.

it is always there, waiting for us to choose it.

Courage is a practice. It is as simple and hard as that.

The Courage Practice collaborates with clients in all stages of lifE.

(And let's be honest; we're often in many stages at one time.) 

Where would you like to practice more courage?

Professional Life

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Personal Life

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Creative Life

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Team Culture

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Family Life

Partnerships | Single Parents | LGBTQ Family-Friendly

Student Experience

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Individuals | Coaching for the Care of Care-Givers

Retirement Life

Pre-Retirement | Retired | Seniors | Coaching for the Golden Years

Tying It All Together

One Life | Many Roles | Coaching for the Integrated Life


Notes on Courage

Read a Note, Leave a Note | Inspire Others & Be Inspired


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Her authentic and compassionate nature makes her a natural leader and incredible coach. She manages challenging business relationships and difficult changes well, bringing calm to any situation.

Her character is unique; you don’t find someone like Tonyalynne easily and should take advantage of any opportunity to work with her! She truly inspires people, in a way that not many can.
— L.K., Senior Management, Technology