Her deep intuition and compassionate honesty allowed me to confront a narrative sabotaging my professional development. Our sessions consistently left me in a place of self-discovery...I was able to fundamentally shift how I see myself professionally and how I achieve goals. Tonyalynne is absolutely the most gifted coach.
— Aimee, Entrepreneur, Product Development, Higher Education

The Courage Practice FAQs

your most common questions (and our responses) of the work and the practice.


Why the emphasis on courage?

Courage is found in every life. Every single one.

Whether a loud roar or a quiet whisper, it shows up uniquely within each of us.

It lies within every high-stakes adventure taken in sport, career, love, or life.

Courage awaits us on the mountaintop, within the arena of our challenges, in the valley of our doubt, and in the triumph of our purpose.

But courage most often abides in the day-to-day thoughts we choose and the actions we take to move forward successfully and within our integrity. 

Courage is always there, waiting for us to choose it. 

Coaching is the uniquely personalized space where both the high-stakes and the day-to-day are explored, challenged, created, or reinvented, all in an effort to move forward from where you are to where you want to be.

Simply put, it takes courage to live your best, most meaningful life. 


THERE is ALL KINDS OF COACHing out there. SO What is coaching to you?

  • A collaborative process to deepen awareness and action to advance success, awaken potential, and transform one's life.

  • It is common within the coaching experience to make positive changes in behavior, skill, belief, as well as strengthen one's identity and core values. 

  • Personalized impact. New development. Bringing dreams and goals into reality. 

  • A coach serves as an active listener, objective guide, and strategic thought partner. One who both supports and challenges you to rise up more fully into your strength, leadership, courage, and unique brilliance. 


Where did you get your name?

The Courage Practice actually got its name from a client. 

Over the years, many clients have shared with me how courage has played a role in their ability to transform their unique barriers into powerful breakthroughs. Some have referred to it as a core value to live by; others, a muscle to flex. One client, however, after looking at her coaching session takeaways smiled and said quietly:

"this is really all just the practice of courage, isn't it?"

It takes great vulnerability to show up and be seen within the coaching space. To come as you are, illuminate your strengths and struggles, and sometimes, to choose new strategies, approaches, or beliefs to advance your success. 

Acquiring new knowledge or having ah-ha moments is both important and brilliant; embedding such learning day-after-day into our work and life becomes the practice.

 As Dr. Brené Brown highlights so powerfully, "You cannot get to courage without walking through vulnerability. Period."

Courage is a practice. It is as simple and hard as that.


What exactly is SOUL COURAGE™?

  • Soul Courage™ is our intuitive coaching & spiritual development services focused on supporting you to integrating your soul more consciously into your being and all you do. Think of it as making friends with your deepest, inner voice and taking action based upon its guidance. 
  • Soul Courage™ services vary in both depth and breadth. People of all faiths, religions, and beliefs--including none at all--are welcome and encouraged to experience Soul Courage™.  Visit the Soul Courage page to snag all the details. 

  • As an intuitive coach and soul doula, Tonyalynne utilizes her intuitive senses (commonly referenced as 'the clairs') to support you in learning what your soul most wants you to know for your highest good. All services are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be used in place of medical, professional, or legal advice. Please review our full terms, conditions, and disclaimers prior to purchase.

  • Due to the nature of this work, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase Soul Courage™ services.


WHERE CAN I FIND the rates?

  • Rates vary by service and series. Within the Work with Me page, you'll find each of our services and their corresponding rates. 

  • Monthly payment plans are also available for many services. Just ask for details in your free consultation. Because of the love, time, and energy put into each session, we do not offer refunds. 

  • Click here for our scheduling page to schedule a free phone consultation.

  • If custom collaborations or general inquiries are more your thing, click here.


Why all the colosseum images? 

A number of reasons.

check out this blog post for more of the story. 

In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.
— Aristotle