The Courage Practice itself was born from the transformational power of coaching. There is no place quite like the coaching space for learning how to consistently bring your most courageous self and contributions to the world. This work is my greatest joy, my greatest teacher, and my own practice of courage.
— Tonyalynne Wildhaber, Principal Coach & Consultant


I sought coaching to scale my business. And I did...but that was just the beginning.
I learned how to look directly at my fears and still choose my courage over my comfort. I developed specific ways to practice courage daily that strengthened my habits, relationships, and purpose. For the first time, my values are embedded in my actions instead of a punchline. This coaching experience has changed my life.
— Amy, Entrepreneur & Consultant, Engineering Technology
I always know myself more deeply after leaving a session with Tonyalynne. And I cannot help but to lean further into my greatness. Her calling is to be bold, ignite change, develop leaders (of anything), and ask perfect questions along the way.
— Natalie, Human Resources, Global Portfolio Management
I didn’t know this much transformation and success was actually possible when clarity, connection, and courage come together into a practice. This integrated experience challenges me to exercise my values and step further into my courage every day.
— Brianne, Entrepreneur, Writer, Visual Artist
Her authentic and compassionate nature makes her a natural leader and incredible coach. She manages challenging business relationships and difficult changes well, bringing calm to any situation.

Her character is unique; you don’t find someone like Tonyalynne easily and should take advantage of any opportunity to work with her! She truly inspires people, in a way that not many can.
— Laura, Senior Management Director, Technology
I had recently made a major life and work transition when I began working with Tonyalynne. She held me accountable to goals while pushing me to set stretch goals for myself so that motivation was coming directly from within.

She made a positive mark on my life with her executive coaching and I think any client or company would be incredibly lucky to have her on board. She is loyal, persistent, talented, and inspirational. Tonyalynne is a results-driven leader who simultaneously inspires you to connect your actions and your passions to your mission.
— Brandon, Change Practitioner, Solutions Engineer Director, Educational Management
Her deep intuition and compassionate honesty allowed me to confront a narrative sabotaging my professional development. Our sessions consistently left me in a place of self-discovery...I was able to fundamentally shift how I see myself professionally and how I achieve goals. Tonyalynne is absolutely the most gifted coach.
— Aimee, Entrepreneur, Higher Education Consulting, Technology, & Finance
Leaving a coaching process with Tonyalynne is like cleansing oneself of old ideas and out-dated habits, and re-emerging with greater hope and alignment with my greater purpose. When working with her, I consistently feel entirely seen, heard and understood where others have failed to ‘get’ me. I would recommend her highly as you walk through the challenges of navigating life’s transitions.
— Kristin, Coach & Sales Executive, Entrepreneur
I’ve always left our thought-provoking interactions with new ideas to consider to improve my coaching practice. In the training environment, she has an incredible ability to conduct fluid workshops that create space for both learning and dialogue.

She gives her full and undivided attention in any interaction. Her ability to manage the big picture, communicate effectively, brilliantly train teams, and yet make time for people on an individual level is a balancing act Tonyalynne has mastered.
— Anh-Toan, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Blogger
The world needs more of what Tonyalynne is doing. I was so deeply impressed by her ability to truly focus on and see me in a way that is vanishingly rare in my experience.

So many people, including in professional settings, listen until something catches their attention that they can use to bring the conversation back to them. Tonyalynne doesn’t do that. She listens consistently, always taking in the new information and integrating that into what she’s heard to that point. She keeps the focus on relevant themes, the right next steps, as well as the long-term view. And she makes it all inspiring and fun!
— Iris, Entrepreneur & Student
If you are wanting to build a courageous culture, you’ve found your person. Tonyalynne brings a high degree of mindfulness and passion to her work, adeptly wielding highly-skilled verbal and nonverbal communication for masterful impact.

Tonyalynne demonstrates exceptional judgment and critical thinking in high pressure environments, and is an absolute ace at navigating challenging group discussions. Her work in shame resilience, self-compassion, and courageous leadership puts her a notch above most other leadership development professionals.
— Kate, Senior Operations, Educational Management Consulting
Tonyalynne knows change and transition well, particularly its wild and rollercoaster ways. She possesses an incredible balance in honoring your history even as she coaches you to rise into your future. I left our sessions feeling seen in remarkable ways, with a clear action plan and approach we built together, and ready to step forward with greater courage and self-compassion in my career and life.
— Carol, Entrepreneur, Hospitality Management
Tonyalynne has the gift of being able to see where you are, and if you desire to move forward she will assist you in doing so. She is highly emotionally intelligent, incredibly intuitive to pick up things spoken and unspoken, and she genuinely wants to contribute to this world by moving people forward in theirs. If you are willing to work, wanting to grow, and open to sharing your story with Tonyalynne—you will develop and grow—guaranteed. She is absolutely my go-to coach.
— Lynn, Executive Coach, Trainer, Program Development Consulting
Tonyalynne has extraordinary emotional intelligence, wisdom, and courage. When she works with you, she truly hears and sees you. Following every session, I have walked away with more clarity, feeling more grounded, and with a clear sense of my next steps.
— Jodi, Executive Coach, Higher Education Consulting, Litigation & Mediation
Tonyalynne is someone who energizes a room and draws you in with her active listening, intuitiveness, and genuine confidence in her process. She encourages vulnerability and speaks with purpose and passion. She is someone you seek out.
— Erin, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur
Tonyalynne is truly a gem. Many people shine, but Tonyalynne shines through her many facets. Whether she is coaching, mentoring, managing, or speaking, her talent and personality shines bright. I am constantly impressed with her deep insight and commitment to the personal and professional growth of her clients and peers.
— Sarah, Career Coach, Entrepreneur, Graphic & Web Designer
Tonyalynne brings new perspectives to the table—for individuals and teams.
But she listens and observes first, builds trust and relationship, and then thoughtfully collaborates with you on the next steps for success.
— Ann, Senior Operations Initiatives, Higher Education
Tonyalynne is a fantastic coach! No matter what you bring to the table, progress will happen when you work with her. You will walk away empowered and emboldened with practical and realistic next steps towards whatever goal or impact you are pursuing. So grateful for the help she has been!
— Todd, Career Coach, Healthcare Management
I grew as a professional and as a person because she created a space where these parts of my Self were woven. You will be heard, seen, respected, and empowered when you work with Tonyalynne.
— Kari, Talent Acquisition & Community Relations Manager, Technology
She is a true partner! Every time I left our sessions, I had more clarity on what to prioritize, multiple creative solutions, and more courage to work through challenges.
— Emilia, Operations Management, Higher Education Enrollment Services
Tonyalynne breathes air into ideas that you have yet to fully materialize or conceptualize. Her collaborative perspective and curiosity energize you to think bigger and do more which leads to powerful innovation.
— Erin, Success Coach
Passionate and courageous are the words that come to mind as I reflect on her leadership. She is a catalyst for building cultures of trust and bold innovation. Tonyalynne’s ability to capture the energy of an individual or a team in service of forwarding a mission is most evident when the challenges are high and daunting. She doubles down with integrity and persistence, inspiring you to dig deep and stay the course.
— Ron, Training & Development Manager, Educational Technology
She somehow just knows. Tonyalynne offered a warm, engaging coaching space that allowed me to bring my truth to the surface with a compassionate, empowering approach. I saw myself in a powerful way and became friends with my values again.
— Angie, Operations Manager, Community Development, State of Oregon
You know how you sometimes - or actually once in a blue moon - meet someone who just has that magical and inspirational presence? That person who inspires you to be a better person? This is Tonyalynne (TL).

TL has this ability to analyze trends for very complex processes and provide detailed recommendations. She is also quite adept at evaluating and driving development and training initiatives at the organizational level. She is thoughtful and sharp in her interactions... and she is fearless.

If you ever have an opportunity to work with TL, do it now. In fact, take initiative to work on projects with her or take advantage of her coaching expertise. She is truly an exceptional human being and you will be a better person because of it.
— Jason, Director of Business Development, Educational Consulting, Entrepreneur



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