The Power of a Pause

Sometimes we fall down. We lose focus. We get weary and unanchored.

We hustle in a not-so-cool way. We take shortcuts that actually take us off course. We numb out. We lean into a mindset of lack instead of one of abundance.

Practicing courage is HARD.

And definitely a daily practice. Sometimes hourly.

And some days, even if we try, practicing courage seems so far out of reach.

I had one of these days today, friends.

It showed—in my work and my life. I felt off all day. I wasn’t myself. I cried, I stressed, and I leaned into the whispers of fear and anxiety instead of trust and courage.

My practice felt far away today.

I don’t share this for sympathy or support. I share this because it’s REAL.

For ALL OF US. Sometimes we lose our ground, lose our way.

Some days the practice of courage just isn’t accessible. It becomes too far to climb. But I have found this is where curiosity can be our greatest ally in the mess. It’s been my best friend today.

Feel the fall, the mess, the loss. FEEL IT ALL. Then get CURIOUS.

Explore all thoughts, feelings, actions, or perhaps inactions. What are they made of? What’s under the surface of the numbing, the apathy, the pain? Show it all love. And then remember that true confidence is actually borne from self-compassion.

And with every sunrise we’re gifted, we have another day to practice.

Practice doesn’t make perfect; it simply reveals purpose. But when we fall, it isn’t time to stop, it is time to PAUSE.

Trusting our purpose, anchoring ourselves to our calling and our potential. (Sometimes in blind faith, particularly when our calling is completely unknown and our potential seems like it took a long holiday.) When the practice feels out of reach, pause. Feel. Get curious.

A pause can bring us back to our practice.

Here’s to tomorrow for us all!